Who are we?

PONGO Alliance is an alliance of oil palm growers, businesses and NGOs, who jointly advocate for and support the conservation of orangutans and other wildlife within oil palm landscapes through engaging with additional growers, businesses, independent experts and NGOs.

The protected areas established by governments are too small, scattered and marginal to be able to save all wild species in the long term. PONGO Alliance will work to seek ways to allow lands outside protected areas to contribute to conservation of wild species. Private land owners and businesses are encouraged to play a role in preventing the extinction of rare wildlife species, not simply by giving money to “rescue” programmes but instead by allowing their lands to contribute space, habitat and foods for those rare species.

Our vision

Making resilient landscapes for wildlife and people a reality.

Our mission

Identify, develop and energize initiatives that deliver adaptive solutions in critical landscapes, where conflicting objectives present threats to wildlife and livelihoods, with a specific focus in those areas where oil palm plantations exist.

Sustain these initiatives to ensure durable outcomes.

Measure, monitor, verify and communicate tangible impacts from these initiatives.