Governance and code of conduct

PONGO Alliance was formalized in late 2017 through the registration of PONGO Alliance Sdn Bhd as a company in Malaysia, under the Companies Commission of Malaysia, providing a legal entity to operate on behalf of PONGO Alliance. A Board of Directors (BOD) is required to be in place to meet company administration and legal compliance under the Companies Act 2016. The BOD comprises of 3 Malaysian directors, with at least a representative from 1 NGO and 1 oil palm company.

While set up as a Limited Liability Company, the organisation’s charter includes a non-profit stipulation. All monies received by PONGO Alliance will be channelled 100% back into the management and activities related to the implementation of projects and programmes that deliver the mission and vision of PONGO Alliance, either to the PONGO Alliance bank account or directly to agreed projects under PONGO Alliance supervision.

To ensure that the commitments of PONGO Alliance meet its vision and mission, a Steering Committee (SC) oversees and guides all strategy and policy decisions, and directs the Board of Directors (BOD). This is to ensure that there is proper governance on activities and administration of PONGO Alliance, based on sufficient representation of both NGO and private sector partners. The BOD does not have a unilateral decision-making role in PONGO Alliance. The BOD serves an administrative function based on instruction from the Steering Committee.

More information in our Governance and Code of Conduct.