Organisational partners and associates

PONGO Alliance is potentially open to any partner interested in promoting the PONGO Alliance vision and mission, in particular, but not limited to:

  • Companies committed to fruitful collaboration to ensure the conservation and management of endangered wildlife species in the regions in which they operate or from which they source materials;
  • NGOs committed to fruitful collaboration with industries operating in regions that contain orangutans or other endangered wildlife species;
  • Independent experts, including individuals, with experience in wildlife conservation, sustainability and land use planning;
  • Financial institutions and entities committed to ensuring investment policies that support sustainable palm oil production and the conservation of orangutans and other wildlife.

Core commitments

All participants in PONGO Alliance, whether partner organisations or associates, are expected to adhere to the roles and responsibilities outlined in this document. In particular:

  • To submit a letter of agreement to the PONGO Alliance Secretariat, in which the participant agrees to adhere to the Code of Conduct contained in this document;
  • To commit to not clearing orangutan habitats and to do no harm to orangutans and other wildlife, including supporting and/or implementing measures to keep wild orangutans in situ in their native forest – plantation landscape;
  • Adherence to all relevant national regulatory framework;
  • To maintain open communication with the PONGO Alliance Secretariat and Executive Director on matters of relevance to the PONGO Charter;
  • To respond in a timely manner to requests from the Secretariat and Executive Director to pursue the PONGO Alliance vision and mission;
  • To actively engage within PONGO Alliance wherever possible and relevant;
    To support implementation of PONGO Alliance action plans, at least in principle;
  • To respect the confidentiality of information shared through the PONGO Alliance platform for the purposes of achieving the vision and mission; and
  • To pay the agreed contribution amount for the support of the PONGO Alliance.

No public claims can be made related to PONGO Alliance activities, programmes and projects without prior written approval from the Executive Director.

Application and acceptance process of new partners and associates

Applications are to be submitted to the PONGO Alliance Secretariat, which will recommend the applicant to the SC and, pending no major objections from the SC within 30 days, the applicant is invited to join the Alliance.

In case of actual or perceived conflict of interest between an existing member of the SC and a potential new partner or associate, the SC member with conflict of interest will be excluded from making the decision about new applicant.

Full participation into the Alliance is subject to agreement to adhere to the Code of Conduct clauses outlined herein, and a paid contribution to PONGO Alliance Sdn Bhd. Participation is subsequently maintained by an annual contribution from each partner.

Partner and associate contributions

Partner and associate organisations are required to make contributions to PONGO Alliance Sdn Bhd.
The value of the contributions:

Partner or Associate Category Contributions
Private sector Year 1 : US$10,000
Every subsequent year : US$5,000
Non-profit organisation Annual : US$500

Upon payment, the Secretariat will issue an official receipt. Annual payments should be made each year before March 31st.


More information in our Governance and Code of Conduct.