Adult female and male orangutans have very different lifestyles in the wild?

Females stay where they were born for life.

Female orangutans live in “genetic clusters” of related females (sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, even grandmothers). The home ranges of related females extensively overlap with each other. However, relatives in patch one of forest are highly intolerant of unrelated females using the same area

Adult male orangutans are completely different, they are much more flexible in their ranging patterns.

Male orangutans are often the move around the wider landscape, even crossing oil palm plantations between natural forest fragments where clusters of females live

Therefore, to maintain normal wild orangutan social structure, females need to stay on the land where they were born and males need to be able to range between. Removal of animals found by chance within the oil palm landscape obstructs normal social structure and essential meta-population connectivity needed to maintain the viable wild orangutan population