We support orangutans & other wildlife living within oil palm landscapes

We support orangutans & other wildlife living within oil palm landscapes

In June 2017, Sime Darby Plantation, together with other leading palm oil companies and a number of wildlife conservation experts and NGOs, announced the launch of the PONGO Alliance, an initiative aimed at supporting the proper management of orangutans and other wildlife in palm oil landscapes. PONGO Alliance identifies, supports and helps implement programmes that sustain populations of free-ranging orangutans and other rare wildlife species across landscapes encompassing protected areas, forest remnants and plantations.

Members of the alliance acknowledge their responsibility to ensure that palm oil cultivation has minimal impact on local biodiversity and commit to promoting the use of sustainable landscape management (landscape approach). This approach does not look at one particular palm oil or other concession but at the ecoregion as a whole because wild animals do not stay within the boundaries of particular concessions, but move across the whole landscape which they consider their natural habitat.

Recently, its Executive Director, Dato’ Dr John Payne, visited our estates in Sandakan Bay and was brought for a tour by our management teams from Upstream Malaysia and Sustainability & Quality Management to conduct a survey of orangutans in the area.

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